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Refugee Health Alliance

At RHA, we provide migrants and refugees along the US-Mexico Border with inclusive and ethical medical care.


Borderless Medicine

Every day, thousands of refugees in Tijuana seek asylum in the United States. They are not only seeking a chance at a better life but life itself. See why our efforts at RHA matter.


Our Programs

With the help of our local community and our providers, RHA is equipped to provide holistic, trauma-informed, and ethical care to vulnerable individuals.

General Medical & Pediatric Care

Providing medical care to vulnerable patients at the US-Mexico Border through our two clinics.

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Prenatal & Midwifery Care

Supporting mothers and their newborn infants at one of our clinics Justicia en Salud.

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Providing medical care, medical-legal services, and mental health services to the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Real People.
Real Experiences.

With firsthand insights and experiences, our team of staff and volunteers offer a unique perspective on the challenges faced by displaced individuals and families, as well as the transformative power of community support.

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Image by Raquel Rocky Natalicchio via Instagram.

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Support Our Alliance

Help RHA provide treatments–and hope–to individuals and families of Tijuana today.

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