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About Us


Refugee Health Alliance brings medical care to migrants, refugees, and displaced groups along the US-Mexico border.

Our Vision

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To provide ethical, holistic, integrated, trauma-informed, and culturally-inclusive care and advocate for all displaced and populations made vulnerable along the US-Mexico border in collaboration with activists and existing healthcare organizations. We are working toward a world in which every individual has the right to stay, the right to move, and the right to return in the pursuit of health and wellness.

Our Mission

  • Create sustainable systems of services that do not harm or perpetuate inequities

  • Empower affected individuals to advocate for their own medical and legal rights and build on their own strengths and resources.

  • Connect individuals and families to resources, including:

    • Substance use disorder treatment

    • HIV care

    • TB diagnosis and medical care

    • Legal services

    • Mental health resources

    • Dental health resources

  • ​​Provide multi-level, integrated services to meet the whole person and all people without any discrimination, including:

    • Mental health services

    • Hygiene including showers, bathrooms, and laundry services

    • Potable water including public water fountains

    • Natural medicine

    • Medical-legal services and documentation

    • Hot meals and also needed pantry items for shelters

    • Clean clothing

    • Collaborate with relevant local community organizations to address the social determinants of health, including, but not limited to:

    • Economic disparities

    • Homelessness

    • Food insecurity

    • Legal barriers

    • Structural violence

    • Human rights

    • Education

    • Gender Identity

    • Race/Ethnicity

  • Mobilize a dynamic network of volunteers, interprofessional clinicians, undergraduate/graduate students, and advocates from Mexico to promote the wellbeing of under-resourced populations.

  • Challenge the border itself as the physical and metaphorical source of healthcare injustice and the systems of oppression that create and sustain it.

  • Promote ongoing discussion of the public health and human rights implications of such a large population of displaced individuals/families through research, advocacy, and educational initiatives, challenge white supremacy and anti-racist.

  • Develop capacity among providers, students, and migrants on both sides of the border by providing training, supervision, and consultation

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