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General Medical and Pediatric Care

What We Do

RHA provides medical care to vulnerable patients at the US-Mexico border through 2 clinics and in-person and telephonic support at over 30 shelters. RHA provides basic adult and pediatric medical care, laboratory testing, imaging services including point of care ultrasound, referral to specialty care, LGBTQIA+ centered care and gender affirmation, midwifery & prenatal services, and acupuncture and naturopathy. All services are provided free of charge.


RHA clinicians in Tijuana have access to “on-call” volunteer clinicians in the US who are available to help provide curbside guidance on medical care remotely when needed.

Our pediatrics team, in conjunction with our local midwives, conducts a newborn care clinic once weekly at Justicia en Salud, and a remote volunteer pediatric clinician is on call at all times to field any clinical questions.

Although we serve mostly patients with acute concerns or questions, the reality of the situation in Tijuana is that we are the only source of primary care for many of the refugee children we see. Because of this, we are always interested in expanding what continuity well-child care we can provide.

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