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Prenatal and Midwifery Care

What We Do

RHA provides prenatal and midwifery care, including care for the newborn infant, at our clinic Justicia en Salud, run by midwife Ximena Rojas. Justicia en Salud is a free clinic for people in transit and new residents, migrants, refugees and People seeking asylum. The clinic is staffed by midwives who saw a need at the border and began to provide care at the US Port of entry, on the streets, in shelters, and prior to the construction of Justicia en Salud, in their own homes.


The clinic offers assistance with reproductive health, sex education, family planning, prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, newborn care, well women care in all different stages of reproductive life including natural medicines, acupuncture and ancestral remedies. Births occur in a separate birth house that allows women to have home births within a safe setting outside of the shelters, that has water baths, medical equipment and a call room for midwives.

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