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Medical-Legal Evaluations

What We Do

RHA provides independent medical-legal evaluations to asylum seekers and refugees free of charge for individuals in Mexico or detention centers in the United States. These medical-legal services include medical evaluations for humanitarian parole for medically vulnerable individuals in Tijuana and elsewhere in Mexico and forensic evaluations for individuals in asylum proceedings. Lawyers and other legal support groups can submit requests to our medical-legal team by using the link at the bottom of the page.


RHA has helped hundreds of medically vulnerable migrants stuck in Tijuana secondary to the metering process or sent back under MPP qualify for humanitarian parole through our medical-legal efforts. Forensic evaluations completed by trained volunteer clinicians have assisted asylum seekers during their legal processes and provided supplemental documentation for their claims. We partner with local and national asylum clinics to fulfill forensic evaluation requests.

Lastly, RHA refers patients to legal services if that need is identified during intake or the patient encounter.

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