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Dignidad en Salud

What We Do

RHA is cognizant of the many factors that affect good health that fall outside the domain of clinical care. We strive to meet the needs of our patients and remove barriers to health. Below is a list of our current projects and collaborations that specifically address social determinants of health.


Food Insecurity:
RHA has partnered and financially supported two local organizations – Comida No Bombas and Contra Viento y Marea Comedor Tijuana – to provide a fresh meal during our clinic hours each day. We provide between 100-150 meals daily. During the COVID-19 pandemic we have also supported shelters during moments of food insecurity through donations.

Water Insecurity:
Refugee Health Alliance, along with Prevencasa A.C., have installed the first public water fountains in Tijuana where individuals can access potable water for consumption. RHA plans to install additional water fountains throughout Tijuana.

RHA is also in the planning and funding stage for creating and installing a waterworks complex that would include showers, washing machines, and dryers for patients who do not have access to these services currently.

Clothing Insecurity:
RHA collects donations and works with local shelters and soup kitchens to distribute clothing, particularly winter clothing. As part of our midwifery program, we provide clothing, blankets, swaddle and other essential materials for babies and infants.

Housing Insecurity:
As our clinic is located in the center of Tijuana, many migrants end up on our doorsteps at the time of arrival in Tijuana in search of basic necessities. Many have been living on the streets of Tijuana looking for housing. RHA provides referrals to local shelters and other housing options for migrants and refugees including transportation if needed.

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