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Applications for your Cell Phone


These guided meditations and courses are led by the world's best mindfulness experts, psychologists, and meditation teachers. They will help you calm your mind, reduce anxiety, control stress, sleep soundly and increase happiness and well-being. In this particular space, you will find original Insight Timer content among other selections. Choose the Spanish language within the application if you want to access the meditations in Spanish. There is a free version available with many resources.


Headspace is your personal guide to health and happiness. It is a simple tool to relieve stress and rest well at night. Learn to relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that will bring calm, well-being and balance to your life with just a few minutes a day of practice. There are free versions available to help cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.


All of the applications below have free options, are available in Spanish, and have evidence that they effectively help people. After downloading some programs, you have to select the language in the settings. Contact us to help in selecting the Spanish language for the programs: or WhatsApp: + 1-503-930-2715

If you would like to learn more about cellular applications that are available in English, we recommend using PsyberGuide to help you choose what's the best application for you based on the research available for that application. For COVID-19 specific applications, see the list posted here. You can also access more guided resources in our audio/video section.



Calm is a meditation tool with numerous benefits. There are free options specific for COVID-19.


This program helps people who have experienced trauma. You have resources for sleeping, relaxing, managing strong emotions, and other resources. This application is free.



Intimind is in Spanish only. It is a mediation application developed by psychologists who are experts in mindfulness. Adapted to your lifestyle, you can practice with just 10 minutes a day. To get started and learn, we offer you our “Introduction” program with 7 free meditations. If you want to work on a specific aspect of your life we ​​have 4 programs a fee: Health and Stress, Work Better, Personal Relationships and Emotional Balance. 

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