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Repeating a mantra or a word to yourself can help calm you and address unhelpful thoughts. Make your own or try one of the suggested ones below. Create visual reminders with a word or your mantra (e.g., add a note that says your mantra/word to your work badge, computer screen, clipboard, car wheel or your phone case).

Breathe in strength, exhale fear

Stay in the present

I've done the best I can for what I could control and do based on the information and time I had today. I am proud of myself for getting through today.

Taking time to take care of me now helps me better take care of others tomorrow.

Ask yourself, “What can I do here, right now? What can I control, and what is beyond my control?”



I can

Improvise, adapt, and overcome

Take a breath … Great job breathing right now.

I can handle these difficult situations.

I did my best with limited and depleting resources.

I am proud of yourself for making it here today. That is the first step to success!

I will be kind to myself. Take a break. Then, come back and try again.

It is okay to make mistakes. I am proud of myself for trying to grow from the mistakes!

I am here because those around me believe in me and my ability I contribute. I add value by being here and trying.

I am resilient! Even when things are not going well, I know how to calm down and solve problems.


I can do hard things.


I can stay calm. I can beat my fears.


When I take care of myself, I can better help others. Good job pausing to take care of yourself!


Remember your goal for why you are here. When you work towards your goals, great things happen!


Think of the name of someone who you are grateful for and smile.


I am cared for here. The people in this organization are here for me.

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